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Accordingly this horoscope too reveals all the unique traits of the native from three houses-. Let us first analyse the basic personality traits of Mr Vajpayee from Astrological points as he was a public figure and his oratory skills, amiable nature, writing skills, RSS background, Speech at United Nations in Hindi etc are well known and documented in public domain. Being in near conjunction with Venus, the 7th Lord and 12 th Lord, a debilitated Moon indicates debilitation effect of mind on Seventh Lord Venus and seventh house as well as Lagna matters.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee horoscope analysis (Kundali) Death in Astrology

Seventh House is house of Partnership. Marital alliance, professional alliance. No doubt Mr Vajpayee was not positively inclined towards marital companionship.

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This debilitation in Ascendant, also reflects on general debility effect on the body which also affects mind and partnership issues as both Venus and Moon aspect 7 th house of partnership and ascendant is body indicator. The 2 nd house is the hob of three key planets- Sun, Jupiter and Mercury.

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  4. Sun rules the most important 10th House of profession and career in this horoscope. Sun is also significator of Political Science, Politics — Governance, poetry, center stage among many other things. Mercury, the significator of oratory, writing skills, Unions like United Nations, Upper House of Parliament, Journalism, Vedic languages including Sanskrit, apart from many other things, is his 11 th Lord and 8 th House Lord sitting in 2 nd house of oratory, wealth.

    So Mercury influences, in this horoscope ,the opportunities, achievements and highlights signified in these aspects. The third key planet in 2 nd house is Jupiter.

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    Jupiter is lord of both auspicious 5 th House and maraka 2 nd house. Being posited in its own house it aspects the 6 th house, eighth House and 10 th House of Profession. Jupiter is basically indicator of Vedic traditions, capitalism, and expansiveness and is Karaka for 5 th house of Progeny, fame, politics, Luck and Creativity. But it denied biological progeny, though gave him literary creativity gifts.

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    In fact this Jupiter — Mercury- Sun combination highlights his speech in Hindi language in UN, though he could have gained more fame and admiration had he spoken in Sanskrit , the language of Vedas and traditional linguistic symbol of Mercury and Jupiter. Mr Vajpayee had studied Sanskrit in college. As already discussed, the 10th Lord Sun is in conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter in 2 nd house. Jupiter aspects 10 th house. His assignments with journals like Panchajanya etc were carry forward of Ketu Mahadasha to Venus Mahadasha.

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    7. In his prime of youth, between years of age, he got Venus Mahadasha for 20 years. Venus rules his 7 th house and 12 th house. It highlighted his political career but debilitated his marital prospect.

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      From July to July he got Sun Mahadasha. From July July he got Moon Mahadasha. Both these Mahadashas were of 10 th and 9 th Lords respectively which gave him continuous political presence in Parliament. Mars as Lagna Lord sitting in 5 th House of Fame, luck and politics is creating a great Raj Yoga for great Political and creative fame. But his momentous rise was still awaited which came only in 18 long years of Rahu Mahadasa.

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      Rahu posited in 9 th house in Ashlesa Nakshatra pushed him to the top position of Prime Minister. Rahu indicates Foreign and Saturn is posited in 12 th house foreign from where it aspects 2 nd house where Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are posited. It was the Rahu Mahadsa effect which saw positive diplomacy efforts with neighbouring states in the form of trip to Pakistan. In Sonia Gandhi's Horoscope, cancer sign rises in the ascendant and Jupiter, the benefic planet, squares with it.

      That's a powerful feature, which had influenced her marriage to the Gandhi family. But ascendant lord Moon is in the 12th house - a troublesome place - making her, at best, a kingmaker. Ketu with Sun in the fifth house makes her a target of controversy. There is also the overriding question of how long the next Lok Sabha will last.


      If it turns out to be as ephemeral as its predecessor, then the winner should be as brave as the conquering Roman generals in whose ears slaves used to whisper: All glory is fleeting. Senior Editor Sumit Mitra, with bureau reports, presents a sample of what the men and women of tarots, parrots, tealeaves, numbers and charts say on these issues. Vajpayee too has, Like Sonia, Saturn in the ascendant. But in his horoscope the ascendant is Libra, not Cancer. Saturn has its highest power in Libra, driving the native to the top of fame. And he has given most of his time, in learning Astro … logy and spirituality with his group of renowned astrologers and also he has done his PHD from BHU.

      He is best know for solving love problem in people's life related to marriage ,parental love , brother sister And many other relations in love and has as helped thousands of people with remedial ways of astrology he also undertakes horoscope analysis with career guidance for E. He has been an astrologer for Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his birthday 25th Dec acharya satish awasthi was appointment to have mahakal yagya performed in lucknow and there were many good known politians to who attended He has been guru for many of the know celebs for eg : Manoj tiwari, sonu nigam.